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Firstly, we are NOT a Business Plan Challenge! ( Did we even ask for a Business Plan? ) We don’t need you to submit Business plans.

Conquest is BITS Pilani’s International Startup Challenge completely organized by a team of intrepid students. Conquest does not cater to the veterans! We seek garden-fresh ideas and spirited people to fuel the future, ideas that not only change the way we live but also the way we think!
We strongly believe in the power of youth and aim to bring about a startup revolution in India, commencing with the flagship engineering college in India – BITS Pilani.

We are of the firm belief that that the worth of a Startup is dignified not by the words and figures it produces on a piece of paper but on the diligence and grit of team. With over 2 months of mentoring given to all the semi-finalists of Conquests, we ensure that the participants and their mentors are on first name basis by the end of the Competition. Whether you go on to win the coveted title of "Winners -Conquest 2015" or not, everyone’s a winner in Conquest, what with ample networking opportunities, numerous mentoring sessions and a plethora of mentors just a phone call away.

The Stages of Conquest

Conquest is more about the process rather than just the Grand Finale.


    Online Registration

    And then the applications began! Registrations will open on 30th Jan, 2013 ushering in a new era of Startup Challenges in India. The participants will be required to create an account on our website and answer a few questions about themselves. This questionnaire will act like a window to your startup for our judges.

    The top 60 teams would advance to the next stage for extended mentoring sessions.


    Mentoring Sessions

    Conquest had been the first in India to introduce mentoring sessions back in 2010. In this edition, we make it more protracted, letting the participants interact and absorb more from our mentors. Now you have all the time you need to learn and grow.

    Mentoring sessions would be held across the country in 6 cities with an expected one is to one mentor to team ratio.



    Now the ball is in your court. Get some amazing work done and impress our mentors. They are your key to unlock the next stage of Conquest.


    Multimedia Pitch

    Find it hard working with words? Then set forth your Startup with a video describing it! A podcast, short video or a presentation of no more than 10 minutes highlighting the key points will help our judges get a richer picture of your Startup. Remember, the MM Pitch will be judged on its merit and content rather than on aesthetic appeal.


    Grand Finale

    The finale of Conquest is one of the major attractions on the day of the entrepreneurship conclave that will be held in New Delhi. On this day, the Startups stand up to the judges and pitch their ideas to the general public as well.

Conquest'13- The Grand Finale

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