Finalists 2017

The Top 10

Incredible Devices

Incredible Devices provides affordable treatment techniques for CVD, a disease with a fatality rate of 80%.


Adloid is a trail AR platform where you can try a product before buying- just by using your phone.


Aquvio has revolutionised Reverse Osmosis based water purifiers by minimising the waste-water generated.


Zoe is a nutrition first- foods & beverages brand that delivers 100% natural products worldwide.

Drone Nation

Drone Nation is an aerial data solutions company providing end to end solutions using custom-built drone hardware and software technologies.


Trell- a community of 170K+ people has come up with proprietary platform for millennials to discover & share local explorations visually


Be-Hold is a glove designed (by a 16 yr old kid) to function as a phone for the Visually Impaired- combatting the pitfalls of touchscreens.


Dcoder lets you code anywhere anytime- its a mobile coding platform where one can code and learn algorithm while competing with fellow coder


Clodura is an Automated LeadGen platform which uses machine learning to find high value prospects which are more likely to close.


Recopro make recyclable paper pallets to replace the traditional wooden pallets; They're cheaper- stronger & greener than the wood counterparts!