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Tracing the Journey…

“Two naans, one paneer.” Work meets can drain you out, especially ones so close to the finale. But things pan out well if you get enough food as compensation, ‘treats’ I mean. Not many places would offer you food at 1am; no wonder the All Night Canteen at BITS is such a hit.  Our table…

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Inching closer to the Grand Finale…

“I have three tutorial tests tomorrow”, Kaushik whined as we kick-started the first meet of the last week of what has so far been an exhilarating journey. Right after, he sat down with his laptop, engrossed typing down the penultimate press release for Conquest 2016. His position very aptly represented the situation many of us…

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Indian Startups and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Let’s face it up straight: Friends is undeniably among the few TV Series which left in its wake not only a cult following of mushy young adults like its many counterparts, but also one that influenced the very lifestyle, speech and mannerisms around the world. In what seems like a very uncanny comparison, we bring…

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5 Entrepreneurship lessons that can be learnt from the Dark Knight trilogy

One of the most loved superheroes of all time is Batman. Especially, the Christopher Nolan – directed Dark Knight trilogy leveraged the status of the Dark Knight from “ just another DC superhero” to one of the “most popular and followed superheroes of all time”. Being the most humane superhero to whom we can all…

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The Cindrella Moment

Our biggest enemy is inertia: the tendency to continue with what we are used to doing. The only thing which can break the shackles holding us back is a single ‘Cinderella Moment’: a moment of magic, which can open doors to the world of our dreams, a world where we are not held back by…

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The Best Time to Startup? Right now!

“Startup India, Standup India.” Applause from a whole generation echoed as Mr. Modi spoke about this unprecedented initiative at Vigyan Bhawan on the 16th of January, this year. And while critics were sceptical of the ambiguity, announcements pertaining to simpler registration procedures, patents, rebates, tax exemptions, easier investment and recognition platforms were welcomed with great…

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Bring ideas to life & ascend @Conquest 2016!

In 1998, Arunachalam Muruganantham, a gentleman in his mid thirties from a poverty stricken family in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was shocked upon discovering that his wife and several other rural women in India were unable to afford sanitary napkins to use during menstruation and instead had to resort to dirty rags or locally available substances…

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Wake Up
Wake up to Conquest 2016

Hundred and nineteen years ago, a young man named Will was the manager of a health spa and hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. Will was very interested in medicine and helped his older brother, the physician-in-chief, in his research to formulate a healthy diet for the patients. For many years, they attempted to create a…

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