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The ‘Show of Shows’, Wrestlemania is a prime example of how to create a brand for oneself. The fact that all the fights, the drama, and the results were scripted, has had little or no effect on the connection that Wrestlemania has been able to establish with the audience. Let us analyze the key factors which led to Wrestlemania’s impeccable branding:

  1. Creating a Fantasy World : Be it the snazzy costumes and theatrical entries or the dramatic fights and engaging storylines, Wrestlemania, through a culmination of these, managed to create a dreamy world which the audience felt sucked into. People, naturally feel inclined towards exciting escapes from their mundane daily lives and Wrestlemania provided that escape from monotonous reality.
  2. Fan Engagement : Engagement with the audience is one area where Wrestlemania beats even the most followed sports around the world. The flood of hand signs and banners, chanting slogans, excessive use of merchandise and occasional interactions of superstars with the fans, together manage to create an atmosphere where the fans play a huge role in every fight.
  3. Idolisation of Superstars : Wrestlemania has always managed to glorify it’s superstars by building a story around them. Be it through individual idols like John Cena – the one who never backs down and The Undertaker – the one who keeps defying death or through legendary friendships like D – Generation X and the Hardy Boyz. This allowed fans to relate to their favourite superstars and be a part of their story.
  4. Defining Events : Wrestlemania does a perfect job in ensuring that there are regular sensationalised ‘History – Making Events’. These events could be legendary matches, or famous betrayals or the return of retired superstars. This keeps the audience surprised and engaged, two factors necessary to keep them coming back for more.
  5. A Dash of History : There is a rich history that has built up in the last 30 years for which Wrestlemania has been going on. This history still elicits excitement from fans when manifested in the form of an occasional appearance by a retired superstar or a clipping of a legendary fight. Moreover, this history has also managed to cultivate a generational link – an established common ground for fathers and sons to bond over.

Wrestlemania defines audience – centric branding is through a combination of a multitude of factors like gripping storytelling, bone – crunching action and well – framed characters which ultimately gives the viewers an escape to la la land. No matter what your product is, ultimately what sells is your brand. What’s your brand?

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