Month: April 2017

For the Hero in All of Us – Wrestlemania

The ‘Show of Shows’, Wrestlemania is a prime example of how to create a brand for oneself. The fact that all the fights, the drama, and the results were scripted, has had little or no effect on the connection that Wrestlemania has been able to establish with the audience. Let us analyze the key factors…

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Why Conquest?

Somewhere someone is spending sleepless nights trying to figure out his product-market fit. Someone somewhere is interviewing developers every day to find the CTO of his company. Someone somewhere is looking up investors’ portfolios to see who will be able to share her vision for the new world she is building. Someone somewhere is setting…

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Dissecting the Stayzilla Saga

On 23rd February 2017, Yogendra Vasupal, the CEO of Stayzilla dropped a bombshell when he announced in a blog on the Stayzilla website that they were halting operations from the end of the month. This shook the startup world to the core. We look at the reasons why a startup founder had to take such…

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