How to register for Conquest ’17

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This magnificent journey starts with registering yourself for Conquest 2017.

Conquest is open to all those startups who meet the following requirements-

  • The startup should not be older than 3 years i.e. the venture should not have been set-up before 1st January 2015.
  • The startup should have a valuation of less than 1 million USD.

You will find below, a step-by-step  guide to start your journey all the way to the top!



First comes the Startup name, website address for your startup and the stage which it is at (Ideation, Proof of Concept, Beta Launched, Early Revenues, Steady Revenue).



Vertical Sector implies specific categories of business. A vertical market meets the needs of a particular industry:
For example – Healthcare, Education, Fintech etc.

Horizontal Sectors are generic categories that apply across multiple verticals.horizontal market is a market in which a product or service meets a specific need of a wide range of buyers across different sectors of an economy.
For example – Mobile, Hyperlocal, Marketplace etc.



Twitter Pitch is a 140-character pitch for your startup. Brevity is the key to brilliance!

Product Summary is all about providing information about the product and services that you are offering to the customers. Make it a point to list everything that is great about you.

How are you different? Tell us more about yourself, your competitors and how your product can be the new revolutionary thing in the market. What makes you unique?

Customer Traction is the section in which you have to give us numbers and statistics on how you’ve been running your business. Customer data, partnerships/clients, registered users, revenue, traffic etc. is what we expect to see.



This part is self-explanatory. It requires you tell whether you’ve been trying to raise or have raised any funding.



This is the section of glory; very much self-explanatory. The team summary is about disclosing the background of the team members and briefly introduce everyone.

A pitch deck is a brief presentation, usually created on PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi, used to provide quick overview of your business to potential investors, VCs, customers and partners. Helping you with this daunting task, we have presented a sample pitch deck along with the form. You can take some cues from it, that will help you understand what persuades an investor to write a check for an entrepreneur’s idea.

Sample Pitch Deck (Click Here)

We hope this illustration was helpful. Register for Conquest 2017 now! (

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