#ScaleTheSummit with Conquest 2017


The ultimate essence, the grandeur element and that surreal excitement! And yes, then there is money and fame too. People start-up for various reasons, but end up for one; that they give up. The quintessential culmination of your being, of your existence, is exhibited when you give something your all, your very best. And who doesn’t love the feeling of being in the driver seat with the ultimate control? Necessarily, this is what starting up is about; about doing it your way, learning throughout and giving back to the society, while salvaging your own piece of the pie.

The thrill of having the rein in your hand, and the baton to the music you are creating, from hustling to programming to designing to hiring, and the introduction, ‘Hello! I am the CEO/CFO/CTO/COO.’; it is all very settling yet overwhelming. The coherent panache creates an aura of awe around you. The exhilaration of solving an actual problem and probably earning a few beaming smiles is a very endearing feeling.

You create! You sustain! You grow or you crash! But in the end, you learn.

If you’re already out there, in those abyssal depths of it, trying to find a way through the impetus of the magnates, exhuming enthusiasm and energy; it is now your turn to stand among those from the hall of fame.  This is your big break, your ticket to a better destiny. We’re so sure that you have so much to offer to the society, and we want to give you a shot at that.

What is it that makes you stand out? We know that you have a billion-dollar idea but how about an impactful execution of it? When the stalwarts of the business industry are mentoring you, the entire process is going to be absolutely phenomenal.

This is a chance to put your idea to an exhibition of one of a kind, with VCs, CEOs and founders of big-shot conglomerates and MNCs and that is only the tip of the iceberg because we have equity-less funding of three hundred thousand INR for the winner.

What are we talking about here?

To realise your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, we present to you Conquest. On the face of it, Conquest is an International Startup Conclave. To make it simpler, it is a perfect platform to bring you closer to turning your dreams into reality. Bring in your most awesome startup idea and we will help you to bring it to reality. Mentoring sessions, Investor connect, Open door pitches and a lot more is knocking your door and you just need to answer the call.

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