Tracing the Journey…


“Two naans, one paneer.” Work meets can drain you out, especially ones so close to the finale. But things pan out well if you get enough food as compensation, ‘treats’ I mean. Not many places would offer you food at 1am; no wonder the All Night Canteen at BITS is such a hit.  Our table that night ended with three times as many milkshake glasses as people. But what stood out that day was not the food, but the conversation over the midnight meal. As we gulped down our frappés, some of us gradually beginning to droop, we traced our journey. We are now six days away from what we began working for more than six months ago. A year back we had dreamt of making Conquest bigger and better; of taking it to the next level. Day after day, we moulded the raw lump of clay we started with, imparting etches with utmost intricacy at every stage. Yes indeed, Conquest has grown and with it we have too. And any talks of growth would be incomplete without a shout out to our partners, mentors and most importantly sponsors.


We are privileged to have with us on board, Accel as VC Sponsor for Conquest 2016. Accel is a venture and growth firm that funds companies from inception through the growth stage. The company manages over $8.8 billion from its US offices in Palo Alto, California and San Francisco, California. It has separate operating funds in London, India and China (through a partnership with International Data Group). In addition to Accel’s continued investments in early-stage startups from the Accel X early stage fund, the firm announced a $480 million growth fund, focused on growth equity opportunities in information technology, internet, digital media, mobile, networking, software, and services. Heavyweights funded by Accel include the likes of Flipkart, Slack, Dropbox and Facebook.
A big thank you to Accel for believing in us and our endeavour!

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