5 Entrepreneurship lessons that can be learnt from the Dark Knight trilogy


One of the most loved superheroes of all time is Batman. Especially, the Christopher Nolan – directed Dark Knight trilogy leveraged the status of the Dark Knight from “ just another DC superhero” to one of the “most popular and followed superheroes of all time”. Being the most humane superhero to whom we can all relate to, from having his own set of rules to live by to beating up his enemies to pulp with his bare hands, we all have a Batman in ourselves. In this article, we shall draw upon 5 lessons that can be learnt by an entrepreneur from the life of the caped crusader.

  1. “ Why do we fall, Bruce?”

          “ So that we can learn to pick ourselves up ”


Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. Failure will be lurking around every corner. More than half of the times, one won’t be able to evade the failure and will be looking down the barrel. But instead of losing hope, one has to learn from his mistakes. Sometimes, it’s best to take a step back and introspect where we went wrong instead of mulling over the loss. Learning to bounce back from failure is one of the key attributes of Batman and a lesson that is indispensable for all entrepreneurs.     


  1.   “ Training is nothing, Will is everything – The will to act ”


The key elements to success are perseverance, willpower, self-confidence and hard   work. Sometimes it’s the extra push from our side that does the trick. Sporting the will to see a project till completion requires willpower no matter how skilful you are. Entrepreneurs should be willing to take risks and persevere through hardships.       


  1.    “ Learn to conquer your fears”


The biggest hurdle separating an individual and success is fear. Fear tends to inhibit one’s actions and plays mind games with him. Going head-on with your fear makes you courageous and would make you get adjusted to taking risks. You might not hit the target the first time, but you’ll gradually get accustomed to dealing with failures before hitting the bull’s eye.


                                         “ Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will ”     

                                                                                              -W. Clement Stone


  1.   “ The night’s darkest just before the dawn ”   


If you’re an entrepreneur you’ll have to go through times when things are not going your way. These are times when you’ll be doubting yourselves, your decisions and the path you are treading through. However, it’s at these times when we tend to find a solution from places we least expect to. The key to sail through such times is to believe upon oneself and get rid of all inhibitions holding us back.               


  1.  “ It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. ”


One of the flagship dialogues of the trilogy and the one that defines Batman aptly. The same applies for startups. However great the idea may be, how one’s going to bring it to fruition determines its success.    


                                            “ The value of an idea lies in the using of it ”

                                                                                               – Thomas Alva Edison    


The above is a list of all qualities required in an entrepreneur. While it is normal to fail, how we rise back from our failure distinguishes us from the others. There’s a Batman in all of us and it’s time we bring him to life : Because he’s the hero we all deserve.

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