The Cindrella Moment

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Our biggest enemy is inertia: the tendency to continue with what we are used to doing. The only thing which can break the shackles holding us back is a single ‘Cinderella Moment’: a moment of magic, which can open doors to the world of our dreams, a world where we are not held back by the expectations of others. a world where we are our own bosses, world where the the thirst for success drives us to stretch ourselves beyond our limits, a world where we are take charge. The magic moment that leads us to this world can strike any minute. And we, at Conquest, are bringing you a step closer to your ‘Cinderella Moment’.

On the face of it, Conquest is an International Startup Conclave.To make it simpler, it is a perfect platform to bring you closer to turning your dreams into reality.. Bring in your most awesome startup idea and we will help you to bring it to reality.

In a startup, every morning is a new beginning. With every possible twist on the turnpike possible, you can never be sure in which direction you are headed. Sometimes a problem will be found where you least expect it.Sometimes, a solution. A thought in your mind seldom blossoms into an idea, but how will you ever know its worth if you do not nurture it? Whether it’s an idea on the palm of your hand, a product envisioned creating pandemonium or a service for a better tomorrow, it’s time to wake up from your deep slumber and leave an indelible mark on the world with your idea.

Remember, it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. Bring out the extraordinary in you this Conquest. Register on before 30th April!

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