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Wake Up

Hundred and nineteen years ago, a young man named Will was the manager of a health spa and hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan. Will was very interested in medicine and helped his older brother, the physician-in-chief, in his research to formulate a healthy diet for the patients. For many years, they attempted to create a digestible substitute by boiling wheat. Although they never achieved their real purpose, the brothers came across a discovery of a lifetime.

One day while cooking the dough, Will accidently left some boiled wheat outside while he attended to some other matters. When he came back, the dough had become stale, but being on a tight budget he decided to process it anyways. He forced it through the roller but did not get a continuous sheet of dough. Instead, he noticed thin pieces of wheat separate out into flat flakes. Will persuaded his brother to bake them and serve the food in a flake form. They were crisp, crunchy, and most importantly a huge success among the patients.

This man was Will Keith Kellogg, the inventor of our everyday morning breakfast- corn flakes. Today, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes can be found in nearly every kitchen across the globe.

In a Start-up, every morning is a new beginning. With every possible twist on the turnpike possible, you can never be sure in which direction you are headed. Sometimes a solution will be found where you least expect it. A thought in your mind seldom blooms into an idea, but how will you ever know if you do not nurture it? If it’s an idea on the palm of your hand, a product envisioned creating pandemonium, a service for a better tomorrow; it is time to wake up from your deep slumber.

Introducing Conquest 2016 – BITS Pilani’s Annual Start-Up Challenge! For all those amazing businesses out there! Yes, we don’t ask for a Business Plan! We just ask about your Business.

Be a part of this perfect launchpad, register today on: conquest.org.in/registration.html

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